Irrigation Issues Can Throw Off Your Day

Get back on track with a sprinkler repair service in Fort Collins, CO

Your lawn is meant to be enjoyed - but it's hard to enjoy a lawn that is dry, brown or patchy. If your sprinkler system isn't working the way it should, you can't make the most of your landscape.

Conserve Colorado Irrigation can perform an efficient irrigation repair in Fort Collins, CO. Our team of professionals works quickly and carefully. Plus, our years of experience allow us to identify issues that many would miss.

Schedule an irrigation repair in Fort Collins, CO today. You can spend all summer relaxing in your yard when we take care of the dirty work.

Our process is simple

Our process is simple

Most of the time, when you need a sprinkler repair, it’s your sprinkler head that’s broken. Our team has extensive experience with this issue. We’ll:

  • Inspect your system to make sure it’s the sprinkler head that’s broken
  • Dig a small hole around your sprinkler head without damaging your lawn
  • Cut your pipe, remove the broken head and attach a threaded T-fitting to the pipe end
  • Screw a coupling and new sprinkler head onto your pipe
  • Use PVC glue to attach the head and backfill the hole around your pipe

You’ll end up with an irrigation system that keeps your lawn looking lush all summer long. Discuss your sprinkler repair needs with us now. You can reach us by calling 970-330-8631.