Reach a New Level of Lawn Care

All it takes is a sprinkler replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Is your sprinkler system stuck in the past? You can save money and improve your landscape's appearance with a simple irrigation upgrade. You don't need a full sprinkler replacement when you work with Conserve Colorado Irrigation. Our team in Fort Collins, CO can replace nozzles, controllers and sprinkler heads. You'll get top-quality products from lines like Toro Precision.

Why spend money on a full sprinkler replacement when you can upgrade the important parts of your system for less? Find out more about our upgrade options now by calling 970-330-8631.

Upgrade to a modern sprinkler head

Upgrade to a modern sprinkler head

One of the best ways to upgrade your irrigation system is through a sprinkler head replacement. Our team now installs MP Rotator sprinkler heads. This product uses multi-trajectory, rotating nozzles that deliver water at a slower rate, allowing your lawn to absorb more water.

The MP Rotator head is:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable to install and maintain
  • Versatile enough to fit most systems
  • Efficient as it requires fewer watering zones
  • Effective as it creates even water distribution

This product can even decrease your water bill by 20% to 30%. Make an appointment for a professional sprinkler head replacement today. We serve Fort Collins, CO and the surrounding areas.